The world is getting smaller, but the gap between the countries with good geolocation services and bad ones is growing larger. Bad physical addresses create second class citizens of geolocation technology all over the world.

The Challenge

Without reliable addressing, most systems we take for granted in the US simply do not work in other countries. An estimated 4 billion people in the world lack an address, most of them in emerging markets. Not having a way to automatically obtain a correct physical location excludes multinational businesses from using technology that improves logistics, door-to-door deliveries and emergency services.

Find an address with 6 characters or less

ZipDatum is a geospatial platform that captures and verifies addresses from emerging markets, tackling the challenges of data quality to help businesses improve their connection to an estimated 4 billion customers worldwide who lack standard addressing information.

An Innovative Platform

Our Location Technology Platform for Global Companies and technology solution providers in countries where postal service does not work with standards addresses.
Users will be able to use non traditional formats to provide accurate location information. For example, we would be able to add “meta-data” to standardized addresses with a description of “the house on front of the mango street,” as many customers use physical landmarks to explain their address location.

A unique “Address Composer”

Our system bypasses the problems inherent in geolocation algorithms, because we use what we like to call “a human geocode.” Instead of typing an address, the user has the option to use a short keyword to find a pool of possible matches and double click to select the correct addressing.

Typed-in addresses are also verified using a database with over 200 million addresses in the U.S. and its territories. We are in the process of adding millions of records for 17 countries in Latin America, aiming to become a definitive source for location information in the region. Our algorithms can be easily be adapted to other international markets.

Designed to work with addresses around the world


Bad addresses affects companies in such areas as rising mailing costs, returned mail expenses, and delivery delays, as well as product order fulfillment and access to existing mapping platforms and GIS systems.


Enterprise solutions are in the works for address governance and crowdsourcing efforts to improve address quality for each country. We believe this platform has the potential to change the way countries manage addresses around the world.


Our powerful API’s can be adapted to work with any country. More than 100 countries around the world have problems with addressing systems.


Our system helps non-English speakers to correctly spell complex English street names and English-speaking users to easily locate complex Spanish street names.

“In most industrialized countries, having a physical address is something that we take for granted. But in many developing countries, as well as in some emerging economies, the majority of people do not have an address. Yet addresses are an essential tool for economic and social development.”

-Universal Postal Union

We work (very) well with others

zipDatum works as a “spell checker” of an address to improve the accuracy of mapping tools from Google, Microsoft Bing, Apple Maps, and open-sourced OpenStreetMap.

The zipDatum platform can be used through a responsive web application or through direct communication to an API for integration to an existing customer solution. It is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for easy scalability. Our IP includes data solutions for Spanish-Style and non-standard addresses that surpasses technology available in the U.S. and we are one of a handful of vendors certified by the USPS in the Caribbean.

Built by former Postal Service Manager

The USPS manages over 40% of the world volume. Our founder worked at the Address Management System office of the U.S. Postal Service in the Caribbean. He was tasked with adapting US-based addressing technology to work with Puerto Rican-style addresses. He lead the effort to improve mail automation in Puerto Rico from less than 30% to over 95% and was instrumental the creation of a new local data quality industry in the island.

Our company holds several certifications by the US Postal Service, including “Software Manufacturers” under the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) program. We are certified by the USPS as a “Z4Change” provider and we are a licensee of several USPS products and databases.

We wrote the book on address standards

Our founder, Raúl Ríos-Díaz, developed the addressing standards used in Puerto Rico by the U.S. Postal Service and wrote for the Publication 25, the official publication of the USPS establishing addressing standards around the US.

He is also the publisher of “La Guía de la Reforma Postal” (the Postal Reform Guide) the first publication in Spanish about the USPS Postal Reform in 1996. As co-Chair of the Postal Customer Council, he managed several addressing and postal publications as well as seminars and special events. He has been a Postal Strategy Consultant for 20 years, helping improve addressing systems in Latin America.

Trusted by industry leaders in Latin America

Awards and exhibitions

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